Ars Electronica Garden London

Draping Interfaces – London College of Fashion

Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts (UK)

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Draping Interfaces is an immersive physical/virtual installation that investigates the worlds that can appear when we mask or drape the physical with the virtual. How do images change when we zoom in and adjust our focus? What happens when we set the camera in a particular position?

Draping Interfaces

For the duration of Ars Electronica/Kepler’s Gardens, the LCF installation will comprise a small number of miniature 50cm2 rooms, each with a multidirectional camera installed. The audience will be asked to remotely explore these rooms by moving the cameras around. Each room will appear magnified in a manner that takes influence from early cinema special effects animation. The remote virtual experience will use augmented reality to enhance the view, which will be submerged in spectacular visuals and engaging narrative.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Curators: Maria Dada, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson
Students: Diane Wallinger, Ruisheng Wang, Chongran Lu, Zhiyao Lu, Svetlana Ovsyannikova, Marie Schaller, Xinyi Huang, Lijin Zheng, Yafei Liu, Qingyuan Chang

Digital Anthropology Lab
London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London