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Energy Autonomy – Renewable Energy – Mobility

Komplex KapharnaüM in residency at Hexagone / Atelier Arts Sciences (FR)

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Migration – Sunshine Architecture is an architectural kit that is deployed in public space, reaching out to meet its occupants and welcoming different artistic forms into its midst. The structure is equipped with printed photovoltaic surfaces and flexible batteries, making it possible to capture and store energy so that it can be used to serve the activities that the structure houses. The installation explores the idea of energy autonomy, but also questions our apparent ease of access to it.

Energy Autonomy – Renewable Energy – Mobility

KompleX KapharnaüM (KxKm) is a French team comprised of video makers, musicians, technicians, writers, performers and makers that performs in public space. The town is their playground, their source of inspiration and their stage. KxKm attempts to make public space scenic and experiments with different ways of occupation. It provokes encounters, blurs borders and re-routes special areas. By presenting the spectator with choices, *Migration – Sunshine Architecture* explores the idea of energy autonomy while questioning our apparent ease of access to it. To reconsider our relationship with energy and its consumption, it is interesting to present energy as a limited, thereby precious, resource. This exercise is not about casting blame, but about raising awareness of energy consumption. If energy is limited, what should we use it for? The installation incorporates flexible solar panels, which can be spread throughout the city according to its changeable energy needs, to make the expansion of various activities and their energy consumption physically visible.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Stéphane Bonnard, joint artistic director of Komplex KapharnaüM
Research fellows:
Antoine Latour, CEA-Liten, Laboratoire Composants et Surfaces Fonctionnalisées – France
Thibault Gutel, Jérémie Salomon, engineer/researcher CEA-Liten / Laboratoire des Composants pour Batterie – France
Mari Ylikunnari, researcher VTT – Finland

In residency at the Atelier Arts Sciences.

​With the support of PRESTIGE, a project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme (Grant Agreement 761112)
With thanks to CEA Liten (Grenoble, FR) for their scientific support.

Description of Institution

Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences (France): Meylan (National Theater) is located in the area of Grenoble, France, and welcomes in its 560 seats theatre about 30 shows (theatre, dance, circus, music,…) and 30 000 spectators a year. In addition to its traditional missions as a «Scène Nationale» (artistic production & presentation, cultural development), Hexagone has also developed since 2002 a research activity. Hexagone thus has created in 2007 the Atelier Arts Sciences, a common research and creativity platform shared with the French research centre CEA (The CEA Grenoble dedicates the main part of its researches to the development of the micro- and nanotechnologies). It has promoted creativity through encounters between artists and scientists at intersections between art, culture, technology and sciences. It organises residencies that made it possible for new ideas and disruptive innovations to emerge and new technologies to get integrated into performing art shows and enable everyone to build its own vision induced by advances in scientific knowledge.

Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences