Exhibition: Augmented Empathy

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2 September – 13 December 2020

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ
Opening Times: From Wednesday 2 September. Open every day.

As part of The Living Planet, FACT’s programme focusing on the non-human, the artist collective Keiken have developed a multi-layered participatory project called Augmented Empathy in collaboration with FACT’s Learning team.

In Augmented Empathy, the collective explores the subversion of existing tools and how social media can be used as a space for exchange and artistic creation. The result was three Instagram filters which can be accessed via FACT’s Instagram and used by anyone. From these, the collective was joined by Sakeema Crook (an international dance artist whose practice explores progressive world-building and intersectionality) and Ryan Vautier to collaboratively develop a series of performances and an installation.

The way Keiken uses these tools bypasses not only the physical limitations of the body itself, but also the boundaries which society imposes upon them. In this space, bodies can be anything, and connect in unimaginable ways, unbound by our expectations or assumptions.