Exhibition: And Say the Animal Responded?


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12 August – 13 December 2020

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ
Opening Times: 12:00 – 19:00, Wednesday to Saturday,
12:00 – 17:00 on Sunday. Galleries closed on Monday and Tuesday.

If we listened to animals, what would we hear? What might they say to us about their world?

As we emerge from this period of isolation, and refocus our attention on a rapidly changing climate, And Say the Animal Responded? creates a space for the voice of the animal that we have gained greater awareness of during this time. Tune in to a choir of whales and dolphins ‘singing’ to an artist’s undersea instrument, encounter the quiet presence of wolf pack filmed from above, meet a family of chimps startled by a camera in their rainforest home, listen to a live colony of leafcutter ants turned scratch DJs, witness a computer-generated re-creation of an extinct rhino glitch in and out of existence. This immersive exhibition brings you face to face with animals from around the world through film, art and creative technology.