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XR HUB Bavaria, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, TUM Munich, LMU Munich (DE)

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An interdisciplinary research-creation project in which we explore human senses in the context of extended realities and design interfaces in-between the real world and abstract data space in the field of the Arts.

SENSING EXTENDED REALITIES Gardens – a Research-Creation project

We communicate, act and negotiate with and through our body. Digital technologies have led to fundamental changes of our physical presence. Data spaces, as representations of information, are almost intangible and invisible. Nevertheless, we fill these spaces with our communication, our images and behavior patterns. Abstract and disembodied traces remain of our daily routines and actions.

Our perception is changing, hence how do we construct our individual reality? Which perceptions will be sensitized, which will fade away and which yet unknown sensory sensations will stimulate us in the future? New senses might help us to become more efficient but they also instrumentalize us, focusing on certain abilities and perceptions. Augmentation and substitution of senses offer ways to experience known to all but forgotten and even new excitements. Expanded interfaces lead to constructions of new realities and interactions. How will they affect our well-being? Where are shortcomings to be balanced? And do we need mindfulness, meditation and deceleration again?

SENSING EXTENDED REALITIES focuses on people and their needs. Which multisensory stimuli are valuable in the context of recurring analog routines? How to develop senses in-between natural and technical perception, in-between the world of physical things and abstract data space? How to make the hidden visible again and re-sense the immaterial? How to understand our body as a social interface in relation to sociological and psychological questions?

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Silke Schmidt, Head of XR Hub Bavaria / Munich,
Karin Guminski, PhD, LMU Munich, Head of B.A. Arts and Multimedia
Andreas Muxel, Professor Physical Human-Machine Interfaces, Director HYBRID THINGS LAB, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Jan-Hendrik Passoth, PD Dr., Head of Digital Media Lab, MCTS, Technical University of Munich
Aida Bakhtiari, Gnothi Collectiv LMU Munich, Art and Multimedia, Fine Arts ADBK Munich
Andrea Geipel, Deutsches Museum Digital and PhD student at MCTS, Technical University of Munich
Elias Naphausen, Research Associate HYBRID THINGS LAB, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Students from LMU and TUM, Munich and University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, authors of the respective arts projects.

The project is supported by the XR HUB Bavaria / Munich.


Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and the Digital Media Lab, TU Munich (
The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) is an integrative research center at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). As one of the most prominent centers for Science and Technology Studies (STS) in Germany, it is dedicated to understanding and reflexively shaping the multiple interactions between science, technology and society.

Art and Multimedia, LMU Munich,
The BA Program Art and Multimedia, part of the School of Arts at LMU Munich, is offered by Art Education and Media Informatics. It combines art, design, technology and Media Informatics and deals with questions of the further development of society and the individual in times of digital transformation. The focus lies on the playful use of new technologies.

HYBRID THINGS LAB, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (
At the HYBRID THINGS LAB we prototype and explore future human-machine interactions. Located at the Faculty of Design the aim is to strengthen people’s trust in new technologies and to establish meaningful forms of communication and interaction between humans and machines.

XR HUB Bavaria (
XR HUB Bavaria is a project to strengthen Bavaria as a media and business location regarding extended reality technology. The project has three locations: Munich, Nuremberg and Wuerzburg. All HUBs deal with questions concerning XR technologies and their numerous applications. XR is a generic term for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The Hub promotes XR made in Bavaria and generates new ideas and enables future projects. XR HUB Bavaria is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs.

XR HUB Bavaria
University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
TUM Munich
LMU Munich