A Fungus Garden

Local Fungi That Look Like Human Body Parts (2020)

Juan Ferrer (CL)

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Digital installation composed of 3D models and a video that puts human body parts in conversation with a variety of mushrooms that grow in Chile. Our bodies are a fertile substrate for a complex microbiota that makes us who we are; this work aims to recreate a fungus garden within them, and to generate consciousness about the interconnection mycelium provides in nature.

Collaborators: Nicolás Oyarce, Sebastián Rodríguez, paulaESP, Sebastián González, Fernanda Acuña, EQUECO


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Juan Ferrer
Santiago-based designer, artist, and curator. Since 2016 he has been directing and curating Museo del Hongo, in which his thrill for science and passion for art converge. Through his work, he questions disciplinary boundaries by proposing new concepts in scientific engagement through artistic, immersive, and interactive experiences in a museum space that has brought together an interdisciplinary team and audience to engage with the Fungi Kingdom. www.juanferrer.cl