Forest Garden Greenhouse Concert

Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits / RIXC with Platons Buravickis, Ivo Taurins, Lauris Smits, Daniel Hengst

Samstag, 12. September 2020, 19:00 - 19:45
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ / UTC+1) angegeben.
Ars Electronica Gardens Channel

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Live concert for ‚plants and people‘ will be provided by RIXC Fields Residency Greenhouse from Riga.
The FOREST GARDEN is the Live Concert Event at the Greenhouse of RIXC Fields Residency near Riga. It is an environment for artistic, scientific and speculative experiments focusing on ‚greenhouse effect‘ – relations between the terrestrial- and atmospheric-, human- and plant-, and impacts of climate change on future eco-systems.

It is conceptually based on Talk To Me. Human-plant Communication by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, and will use its interface and environemtn for maintaingin the live concert’s program.

Talk to Me is a human-plant communication interface and art project that encourages people to talk to the plants. Artists Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits invite you to send encouraging messages to help the plants grow tall and strong. You can choose the language and male or female voice. Your messages will be read loudly for the growing tomatoes by the loudspeaker installed in the greenhouse, where the live concert will take place on September 12, 2020, featuring the live stream for Ars Electronica Garden Riga-Karlsruhe program by the artists and musicians:

Platons Buravickis. RED WAVE
Daniel Hengst. THE BLOOMING LOVE (immersive environment)
Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits. TALK TO ME. HUMAN-PLANT COMMUNICATION (real-time communication interface and voice) with Kristaps Biters. PLA(N)Tform: Forest Garden Greenhouse (visual)


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Artistic concept and curating: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits
Performing artists: Ivo Taurins, Platons Buravickis, Lauris Smits, Daniel Hengst, Kristaps Biters
Production: RIXC Riga
Support: EMAP / EMARE, State Cultural Capital Foundation of Latvia