Future of Inclusion Lab


Team Members: Clara Roth, Robbie Ierubino, Peter Sauleda, Maria Kallionpää, Kathi Schulz

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Harmony fosters an inclusive atmosphere among strangers, reframing the concepts around co-creation and collaboration. Co-composing can be intimidating at times, as there is pressure to perform.

The originality of Harmony lies in connecting and interacting purely through music and trust, regardless of one’s background and skills. You enter different sound spaces which are synchronized to specific beats. As you move through them, the soundscape changes dynamically. After discovering a spot that inspires you, you are welcome to join Harmony’s co-creation experience by adding sounds, beats, or merely a recording of your own voice.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

To all the members of the community who helped us develop this first prototype

Clara Roth – Sound Coordination / Virtual Room Development / Website Design
Robbie Ierubino – Motion Graphics Design / Visual Design / Website Layout Design
Peter Sauleda – Sound Design / Copyrighting / Research
Maria Kallionpaa – Sound Design / ResearchKathi Schulz – 3D Design / Technical Advisor / 3D Modeling
Kathi Schulz – 3D Design / Technical Advisor / 3D Modeling

Media, Platforms, Technology: Mozilla Hubs, Logic Pro X, Sibelius, and a lot of coffee