Tech-ila ARTesano Coolture

Hybrid Tech-ila: Imagining landscapes through neural networks.

GAN breeder, Pedro H. Baez by AI/THEIA


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Hybridization of art is -more and more- a common subject for artists seeking inspiration and tools for extending their imagination. GAN breeder is an open source Neural Network that processes images and reinterprets them to produce new results. By choosing a selection of images, the curator can partake onto a different result. Text generators based on neural networks produce texts alongside with the author, giving new meanings to sentences, and producing a hybrid-text where the machine and the author are co-authors of an interstitial text.

After the festival we will look to provide wearable products with the designs generated to help promote Jalisco’s Tourism adding this new output to their perspective. As we know, Jalisco is a place of Mexican tradition, but also a site for tech-development and tech-businesses.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

GAN Breeder, Art/Technology and researcher Pedro H. Baez by AI/THEIA
Photos by Oficina de Visitantes y Convenciones ( OFVC)