Building Interdisciplinary Communities

Deborah Hustic (HR)

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Hear from Deborah Hustic, Artistic Director at Radiona makerspace in Zagreb, Croatia, as she outlines her work in STEAM, making and creative investigation.


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Deborah Hustic is the co-founder, artistic director and project manager of Radiona Makerspace – Zagreb; STEAM and environmental consultant; new media art curator & media artist; CEO and co-founder of Intergalaktik (2020) – start-up company for electronics production (FPGA, Smart City, museum production, etc.), Textil{e}tronics (2012) – wearables related projects. She has taken part in numerous international and domestic exhibitions, festivals and conferences concerning DIY/DIWO, STEAM, new media and hacker/maker cultures, as well as on topics about the development of art, technology and science education. She has been exploring and working on sustainable models of management for media labs, hackerspaces and makerspaces. For the last ten years she has been developing community building methods and managing eco systems at the intersections of creativity, education and innovation.