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KTH AIxMusic Garden

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE)

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The KTH AIxMusic Garden features three events focused on AI and music: a video-recorded performance, a panel, and a “machine folk music school.” The performance features folk music generated by AI. The panel “Music as Experience in an age of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Creativity” features six composers who have used AI for music creation. The “machine folk music school” is an interactive music learning session during which an AI-generated folk tune is taught in the aural tradition.

KTH AIxMusic Garden

The garden is organized by Bob L. T. Sturm (KTH Associate Professor of Computer Science). For the past five years, Sturm has been building, learning from and collaborating with AI systems trained on transcriptions of traditional music. These systems are trained on tens of thousands of transcriptions of traditional dance music from Ireland and Scandinavia, and effectively generate an unlimited supply of new tunes imitating traditional ones. This work provides the foundation for a five-year project commencing in Oct 2020, MUSAiC: Music at the Frontiers of Artificial Creativity and Criticism (ERC-2019-COG No. 864189)



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE)
Artists: Bob L. T. Sturm (US), Daniel Näsström (SE), Jennifer Walshe (IE), Robert Rowe (US), Oded Ben-Tal (IL); Shelly Knotts (UK); Artemi-Maria Gioti (GR)

The AIxMusic Festival, a S+T+ARTS flagship event, is organised by Ars Electronica and the European Commission.

European Commission
KTH Royal Institute of Technology