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Thematic Curated Exhibtions I: Leonardo Da Vinci – Art & Science. Then & Now

Isabelle Jennifer Frank (US/HK)

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To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death, this exhibition presents original drawings by Leonardo da Vinci from the Pinacoteca and Biblioteca Ambrosiana. The drawings are accompanied by five machines modeled on Leonardo’s designs, and by the works of contemporary artists – most of them faculty at SCM CityU HK – reflecting on Leonardo’s persistent legacy and influence into the digital age.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Curator: Dr. Isabelle Jennifer Frank, Alberto ROCCA
Associate Curators: Jeffrey SHAW, Nicolas PATRZYNSKI
Presented by: Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana
Venue: Indra and Harry Banga Gallery, CityU HK