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The artistic proposal is presented as a curatorial articulation of multiple and heterogeneous work processes, but characterized by mutation. They are processes of works in mutation and on the mutation, like a seismograph of uncertainty. In their various formats, the works will be joined on the website of the UACh Réplica Gallery linked to the Ars Electronica Festival web platform.

Featured artworks:

A Documentary Named Desire
Video teaser, Cristian Jimenez (filmmaker, CL), 7-10 min, Online platform of Galería Réplica

Jesus Roman (artist CL), 7-10 min, Online platform of Galería Réplica, Prerecorded

Spatial iterations
Photographs / gif / drawings, Felipe Westermeier (arcitect, CL) and Cristián Arriagada (artist, CL), Online platform of Galería Réplica

Reappropriation practices
The limit is the natural, Photography, installation, video, Karla Mendez (artist, CL), Online platform of Galería Réplica, Prerecorded

I Don’t Remember
Sound record / visualization, Valentina Inostroza Bravo (artist, CL), 7-10 min, Online platform of Galería Réplica, Prerecorded

Shields Under Construction
Audiovisual installation. Audio and video projection over layered surfaces, Carolina Ihle (architect, CL) and María Novo (architect, PT), 7-10 min, Online platform of Galería Réplica, Prerecorded sound

Despertar (Awakening)
acousmatic cycle / visualization, contains the pieces: El Peso de la Noche, Lamento, y Suspensión Fragmentación, Alejandro Albornoz (composer, CL), 7-10 min, Online platform of Galería Réplica, Prerecorded sound

Archaeology of Mutation
Documentary video, Ivan Flores Arancibia (philosopher, CL), with the collaboration of Joaquin Zerené (visual artist, CL) Pilar Gil Rodrigo (CL), 7-10 min, Online platform of Galería Réplica, Prerecorded



Jesús Román (Santiago, 1978). Visual artist. I’m interested in the notion of order and neatness, time and weight. The time in which the labor force works in the execution of the work; the craftsmanship put at the disposal of a time that is contained in the work and also my body that is the mediator between time and work. I also try to address weight perception. I consider „the light“ more suggestive than „the heavy,“ yet they are opposites in constant tension. My works can be seen as delicate weightless pieces or as heavy fixed structures.

Cristian Jimenez (Valdivia, 1975), before becoming a filmmaker he wrote short stories and studied sociology and philosophy in Santiago, Heidelberg and London. His films have been part of the official selection of festivals like Cannes, San Sebastián, Sundance and Toronto, among others. He has also directed award- winning television series and music videos for international artists like Mika and French pop band Indochine. As a child he dreamt of being a stand-up comedian.

Alejandro Albornoz (Santiago, 1971), chilean electroacoustic composer and sound artist. He studied electroacoustic composition in Chile with Rodrigo Sigal and Federico Schumacher and Adrian Moore and Adam Stanović in Sheffield, UK. He works on acousmatic and live electronics since 2004. He has a PhD Electroacoustic Composition from the University of Sheffield and currently is lecturer and researcher at the Music & Sonic Arts School at the Universidad Austral in Chile. The central topics in his research are the human voice, poetry, algorithms and language in acousmatic pieces, both in multichannel and stereo formats.

Carolina Ihle. Architect, Master in Science in Advanced Architecture Design, Teaches at the Architecture and Urbanism Institute in Valdivia. Her research displays a broad array of work on urban appropriation, performance studies and notions of collectiveness that evolve into heritage perception. Her work has materialized into audiovisual installations and exhibitions.

Valentina Inostroza Bravo (Coyhaique, 1997) Visual Artist from the Austral University of Chile with engraving mention, currently pursuing the Master of Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. The central axis of investigation is the body as a political territory, both of affectation and of criticism and resistance. The key topics of the work are violence against vulnerable bodies, body consumption and the invisibility of non-hegemonic bodies.

Gabriel Westermeier-Castillo (Año), architect from the Austral University of Chile currently pursuing the Master of Achitecture, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He has worked specifically in the area of architectural design and representation in architectural offices the south of Chile. In the academic area, he worked as an assistant at the School of Architecture-UACh. Is currently developing his master thesis, related to experimental architectural design.

Cristian Arriagada Seguel (Valdivia, 1996), lives in the community of Máfil, Los Ríos Region-Chile. He is studying his third year of Visual Arts at the Austral University of Chile. His work has been developed mainly associated with the territory and the political context. He received the Wabi Sabi scholarship at the first Valdivia International Photography Festival (2019) and has exhibited individually at the Diego Rivera Art Center, Puerto Montt-Chile (2020) among other group exhibitions

Ivan Flores Arancibia (Santiago, 1978). PhD in Philosophy (Universitat de Barcelona, UAB, Spain). Teaches at the Visuals Arts Institute in Austral University of Chile. Member of the Group Spectropolitics of the present formed together with the academics Begonya Sáez (Universitat de Barcelona). Director of the FONDART project „Ronald Kay. The work of the virtual“ of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile (2018-2019). Currently working on the publication of the book On Metaxology (Metales Pesados, 2020) and Tractatus Visual. Difference and extended happening in Ronald Kay (Pólvora, 2020).

Joaquin Zerené Harcha (Santiago, 1987) is a visual artist graduated by the Universidad Austral de Chile. He holds a Master’s degree in Communicational Design by the Universidad de Buenos Aires and now is doing his PhD research in Human Sciences at the Universidad Austral de Chile. He’s a faculty member at the Faculty of Architecture, Arts and Design of the Universidad Diego Portales.

Pilar Gil Rodrigo (Santiago, 1978) Journalist, Filmmaker and Screenwriter. MA in Screen Documentary, Goldmiths College, University of London (UK). Since 2003 she has worked for Chilean Television (TVN/CANAL 13) and for Producer Companies, as researcher, producer, editor, screenwriter of different projects. She was part of the creation of the “London Nº38 Audiovisual Archive”, based on testimonies of survivors of political violence during dictatorship in Chile

Karla Méndez, visual artist. Currently I work with the concept of property, with various videos performance, which I make in natural places (native forests) in which I build brick walls by means of vertical superposition making disappear the framed landscape in its entirety.