Pavilion of Knowledge Garden

Sarah Petkus’s Noodle Feet visits the Pavilion of Knowledge

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Sarah Petku’s Robot called Noodle Feet is visiting the Pavilion of Knowledge. Join and find out how the Pavilion of Knowledge looks like.

Noodle Feet is part of an exhibition that visits different places in Europe. The exhibition is called Step into Space. It is available as a print at home version and as an online exhibition. Find out more in the Space Garden here in the digital festival or on Sarah first created Noodle Feet or Noodle as an illustrated robot, which explored the comic Universe she wrote and drew. One day Sarah wanted to bring Noodle to the three-dimensional world and started to build its robotic body with 3D printed parts and found objects. Noodle came to life one step after another.


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Sarah Petkus is now a cyber artist and illustrator who creates mechanical and electronic devices, robotic entities, and wearable body augmentation which challenge the way humans relate to technology. Sarah documents the process and progress of her projects on her web channel, GravityRoad.