The London Garden of Heterotopias


The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UK)

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PG24 is a group of architectural storytellers employing design, film, animation, drawing, virtual and augmented reality and physical modelling to rethink architecture’s relationship with time. We find inspiration in the dialogue between film and architecture, study their intertwined histories and seek the magical possibilities arising from their fusion. We are freethinkers prepared to explore novel ideas and techniques and our work addresses political, social and environmental issues through rigorous research and design, while promoting long-term thinking.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Dr Penelope Haralambidou, PG24 Design Tutor
Mike Tite, PG24 Design Tutor

Lead student:
George Proud, Omni Studio

Krina Christopoulou, The Third Space, 2020
Lucca Ferrarese, Vauxhall Pleasure Palace, 2020
Hanna Idziak, Garden of (IM)permanence, 2020
Maria Konstantopoulou, The Spirit of the Liquid Marshes, 2020
Afrodite Moustroufis, Projections on Learning, 2020
George Proud, The AR-k, 2020
James White, Guilt Free Homes, 2020