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PRISMA GARDEN, Media Art Globale (MAG)

Media Art Globale (MAG) by Connected Art Platform (CAP) (ID)

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PRISMA GARDEN,Media Art Globale (MAG) by Connected Art Platform showcases five distinct Indonesian artists whose work depicts their views on the current situation of society and projects interpretations of their ideal world. Prisma Garden brings together multi-disciplinary Indonesian artists whose common messages on social issues and their impact on the environment and our future are creatively conveyed through various art mediums, including digital art applications, presentations and installations.

PRISMA GARDEN, Media Art Globale (MAG)

Following the success of Media Art Globale Festival 2019, Mona Liem, the curator-founder of Connected Art Platform brings Prisma Garden to Ars Electronica 2020.

Prisma Garden showcases five distinct Indonesian artists whose works depict their restlessness and hope around the current situation, and sets the expectation for spectators to apply the experience and understanding they derive from the artworks.

In the Name of the Leaf, by Angki Purbarndono, speaks to how diversity of human characters can be reflected on leaves, an inspiration struck upon while spending time in Indonesian prison, because of cannabis. Purbarndono was „saved“ by art, and created the Prison Art Programs.

Rubi Roesli is an architect whose work reflects how he feels about the current state of urban spaces. On a similar note, Naufal Abshar also projects his hope for nature’s return to the city’s concrete jungle through his paintings.

A piece by Motionbeast takes us on a tour of an expansive and beautiful tea plantation in West Java, telling the story of one of Indonesia’s best-known natural assets and its incredible journey from mountain to coffee tables in every corner of the world.

Notanlab, representing the digitally savvy Millennials and Zoomers, introduces us to a wide range of Indonesian flora. The idea is for spectators to gain personal insights about their character from this tailored interactive experience.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Connected Art Platform (CAP), Media Art Globale (MAG), Prison Art Programs (PAPs), Angki Purbarndono (ID), Rubi Roesli-Biroe (ID), Motionbeast (ID), Naufal Abshar (ID), Notanlab (ID) and Viro.

Media Art Globale
Connected Art Platform (CAP)