Evgeniy Molodsov: Ramus

Donnerstag, 10. September 2020, 17:00 - 18:00
Alle Termine werden in der Mitteleuropäischen Zeit (MEZ / UTC+1) angegeben.
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Cultural institutions such as universities and museums are locked. Used to be full of activities and people, today they are abandoned gardens. We will visit these semi-closed, semi-live spaces and share this experience online to recreate them in virtual spaces and to find new ways for growing knowledge and art.

Evgeniy Molodsov (RU)


On the film found at the dumpsite and belonging to a certain deceased Elena Eduardovna Ramus, with the help of bacteria and molds taken from Elena Eduardovna’s belongings, her name, patronymic, and surname are inscribed. The film emulsion is eaten away by fungi and mold while the image slowly disappears.

The material cornerstone of this memory is a photographic emulsion, influenced by the natural environment, which is a reference to the a priori weakness of the material in relation to history, but, through an artistic gesture, it turns out to be re-actualized in the unity of the „organic“ and „cultural“, blurring the edge between the eternal oppositions. Weakness, thus, not only persists but also effectuates its hidden potency which is both the requirement of memory and the urge to be forgotten.

In real-time, mold and bacteria can be observed eating away the emulsion of the film, postcards and the image, memory, disappears.


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