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Remote sensing: research and collaboration

David Stalling (DE/IE), Prof Sergei Lebedev (RU/IE)

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In conversation: Aerial/Sparks artists and scientists

Sound artist David Stalling and Prof. Sergei Lebedev discuss David’s work and his time on board the RV Celtic Explorer during the SEA-SEIS research survey in 2018. Led by Prof. Lebedev, DIAS scientists have been collecting first of a kind seismic data across a vast area of the North Atlantic. Since 2018, David has worked closely with Sergei and his team on the development of his sonic composition which translates sampled data from deep sea monitors deployed on the research survey.

David Stalling, Sound artist (DE/IE)
Prof Sergei Lebedev (RU/IE) Assistant Professor of Seismology at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies


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