Mutations of the image. The revolt of photography

Samstag, 12. September 2020, 00:35 - 01:00
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The first Valdivia International Festival of Photography, Directed by Carlos Fischer, was shaken by the revolt. The photographers changed their workshops on the streets. Lectures mutated. Images too. The abundant photographic material produced during those days in Valdivia, along with the video that reconstructs the convulsed days of the festival, make up an unexpected videogram of the revolt that can be viewed on the online platform of the Replica Gallery associated to UACh’s Mutations project.


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Carlos Fischer B (Chile). Managing Director. Bachelor of Biological Sciences and Professional Photographer trained at the Escuela de FotoArte de Chile. I have done author photography and commercial photography since 1984, I have served as a photography professor at various Institutes and currently at the Institute of Visual Arts of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Austral University of Chile in Valdivia.

Carolina Candia A (Chile). Artistic Director. Graduated from the Professional Photography career at the Arcos Professional Institute. Scholarship for the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Workshop with the Photojournalist Joao Pina (2016). Selected for portfolio viewing at the Valparaíso International Photography Festival (2017). Second Place in the Provincial Visual Arts contest, Photography Mention (Maipo Province 2017). She belongs to the Advisory Committee of the Photography Area of the National Council of Culture and the Arts. Curator of exhibitions, teacher in photography workshops at Duoc UC, Biblioteca Viva (Egaña and Sur), Fair of Contemporary Art FA XXI.

Anna Da Sacco (Italy). Artistic Producer. I was born in Italy, a few kilometers from Venice. In Padua, my hometown, I started working as a photojournalist for the local newspaper. I have worked in countries in conflict, where I learned to deal with cultural differences, language difficulties, and people with trauma. I am a professional photographer with 17 years of experience.

Claudio Albarrán B. (Chile). General Producer. Graduated from the Digital Audiovisual Communication career at the Santo Tomás Professional Institute (2015). Granted by the CNCA Audiovisual Development Fund, first place in the „Provincial Visual Arts Award“ of the Province of Maipo, in the photography category in 2016. Finalist in the XVI Edition of the Roberto Villagraz Scholarship, International Master of Photography and Project Management, EFTI, Spain 2018. Finalist in the MAPA Master’s Scholarship in Author Photography Projects, LENS School of Visual Arts, Spain 2018. Group exhibitions in Chile: Instituto Profesional Arcos in 2017, International Festival of Photography Valparaíso 2015, Cultural Center of Spain in 2015 and University of the Americas in 2014. International exhibitions: Final exhibition of the EICTV Photography Workshop, San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba 2016, Trasatlántica for Audiovisual Projects in Spain (Casa América, Madrid) and Mexico (Centro de la Imagen, DF) within the framework of PHOTOESPAÑA 2015.

Jangel Mota (Chile). Audiovisual production. Image and montage editor of the videos of the International Festival of Photography of Valdivia, FIFVAL.