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Lichen Kelp, Jessie French

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A two-part workshop series by the Seaweed Appreciation Society International that invites you on a field trip to another world – an alternate seaweed reality, where edible algae bioplastics are mixed up alongside refreshing seaweed cocktails. By speculating on a radically sustainable seaweed future, we will be asking if biomutualism can play a part in our everyday lives in the future. A radical sustainable seaweed intervention has never felt more urgent.

Mix up seaweed cocktails
Learn how to make your own refreshing drinks featuring seaweed, including a non-alcoholic kelp cocktail.
Make your own sustainable plastics
From styrofoam to straws, we know that single use plastics have expiration date – and it’s just around the corner. This workshop will help you create your own sustainable plastic from algae and beta-carotene.

For detailed ingredients and instructions, visit https://melbourne.sciencegallery.com/blog/enter-seaweed-salon


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Seaweed Salon is supported by BASF Australia.


Lichen Kelp and Jessie French
Lichen Kelp and Jessie French, founding members of Seaweed Appreciation Society International (SASI), a mobile experimental platform dedicated to artistic research into seaweed and marine ecologies, work together artistically as Biomutualism. Combining their backgrounds in art, public engagement and research, as well as their mutual love of marine science, Biomutualism has grown directly out of SASi as a further means to investigate the materiality of algae and a way of incorporating seaweed into art, design and everyday life.