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RUK – DDTlab (SI), AFormX (SI), Arctur (SI), Yaskawa (SI), STPŠ (SI)

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In recent years, brain-computer interface (BCI) has emerged as an alternative communication system between the human brain and an output device. In the beginning, BCI systems were developed towards biomedical applications, but the field has expanded beyond medicine and into fields such as: smart environments, art, education, games, advertising, etc.

In DDTlab we developed several projects where we linked the human brain and output devices. The NeuroFly project involves flying an airplane using only brain waves, while NeuroRobo will have you manipulating the movements of robots with thoughts.


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Project by RUK (SI), Arctur (SI), En-Knap (SI), HSE (SI), Dunkin Devils (SI)