Space Exploration at the Crossroads of Art and Astronomy

Marcos Díaz, Luis Guzmán, Nicole L`Huillier, Jazmín Adler

Ars Electronica Gardens Channel

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Space exploration, life in the Universe and the encounter with the unknown raise thought-provoking questions for both artistic and scientific fields. Throughout this conversation, artists Luis Guzmán and Nicole L´Huillier talk with scientist Marcos Díaz about the significance of fiction, speculation, hypothesis and error in their own work.

Participants: Marcos Díaz, Luis Guzmán. Nicole L`Huillier
Moderator: Jazmín Adler


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Marcos Díaz Quezada
He received his Electrical Engineering degree in 2001 from University of Chile, his M.S. and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering in 2004 and 2009, respectively from Boston University, USA. His research interests are related to the study of turbulent ionospheric plasma; incoherent scatter radar techniques, low-frequency-radio-astronomy/space instrumentation and nano-satellite technologies. Previously he has served as a research assistant at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, MIT Haystack Observatory and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University. He is the academic responsible for Space and Planetary Exploration Laboratory, a multidisciplinary Laboratory located in the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Chile, where the University´s nanosatellite-based space program is being developed. He is also a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Luis Guzmán
He holds a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Chile, with a major in Painting. His interest in combining art and Sciences led him to the field of bioethics, as the bridge between Sciences and Humanities. In 2012, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Bioethics shared between the School of Philosophy and Humanities and the School of Medicine of the University of Chile. In 2019 he received the Master of Fine Arts degree from the Art, Space & Nature program at the University of Edinburgh. He has participated in several exhibitions and collective presentations in prestigious spaces, such as the Museum of Modern Art (New York), The London Design Fair, The Saint Etienne Biennale du Design, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Chile.

Nicole L´Huillier
Transdisciplinary artist from Santiago, Chile, she is currently based in Boston, United States. Her work explores human and non-human performativity from microscopic to cosmic scales; rituals of membranal and resonant architectures; as well as vibration and sound as construction materials for spaces, identity, and agency. She works at the intersection of music, art, architecture, science, fiction, and technology to challenge perceptual conventions to explore pluriverses and alien imaginaries. Nicole is currently a PhD candidate and Research Assistant at MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future group, PhD in Media Arts & Sciences.