Transformation & Transmission

Transformation & Transmisson – Online Exhibition

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This online exhibition showcases 23 new works of interaction design from students of the MA Interaction Design Communication at the London College of Communication UAL. These works were all produced during the lockdown of March-May 2020, and demonstrate the shift from physical to digital practice demanded by the crisis, and the anxieties and uncertainties that the present and future held. The projects are hosted online and publicly accessible.

Water Balance
Zhuqing Xiao
Water Balance is an app that automatically calculates and monitors water consumption of each user by face ID, which develops a good habit and behaviour of saving water resources.

Life, Alive
Zhixing Wang
The game depicts the day of Stephen, a digital bounty hunter, which is a profession that earns bounty by taking and completing simple tasks on platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk.Stephen is the company’s machine, the son is Stephen’s machine and both of them now have a chance to gain their freedom.

Human and Machine
Xizi Pan
This project is focused on the relationship between machines and humans, actually machines are a small part of the relationship between people and people. The machine is a way that designers and engineers to express themselves.

The Deluge of Stranded Data
Wei Zhang
The project focuses on the issue of virtual information overload in the digital society. The project interactively elaborated and discussed the topics of digital crisis and human aphasia.

infinite species generator
ruoxi ren
The Infinite Specifications Generator is a website that automatically generates mash-up photos of a new artificial species according to a large number of biological databases and through machine learning technology every 19 minutes, and names the new species through its „gene“ source.

Whispering Kiss
Shuai Ma
It is an interactive device that allows audiences to quickly build a close relationship with daily genderless machines through lip touch and trigger a mixed sound including human bodily AMSR and electromagnetic noise to think about the future human intimacy without gender-binary.

Mariana Marangoni
An immersive installation that explores new ways of tellling speculative fiction. The story is told by many different documents and non-linear story fragments, centred on the mysterious figure of the damaged robot head.
The plot is influenced by authoritarian governments, the fallibility of memory and the acknowledgement of History as an inherently biased, limited depiction of the past.

Junxian Wang
A ballot box that can control the results, no matter what your choice is, the result is set in advance. In this way, the audience is inspired to discover some seemingly free choices that are actually controlled invisibly.

Xingyu Tan
This is a work of self-expression. I used 3d software, stop-motion animation and performance to describe my feelings about death. Life is colorful, but death is black. Black covers all hope, but eventually it fades. We can only choose to accept the death of those around us and wear the ashes on our bodies. We are trying to live for them and love the world for them.

Chujia Shen
ClickClickClick is a game that simulates the Click Farm industry, which invites audiences to reflect on the impact of new consumerism brought by technology on the labour behind the screen during the experience.

Cocoon AR Tools
Meitong Yan
The project is named ‘Cocoon AR Tools’ and the aims of the project is to help the audience change their original behavior from passively accepting online information to actively exploring and seeking information in the real world, in order to break the limitations of their information cocoon and establish a harmonious symbiosis with information cocoons. This means the project is underpinned by my interest in encouraging real-life communication between people and opportunities to provide a space for people to explore diversified information in the real world, avoiding the limitation of the recommendation algorithm that pushes online information to the public.

Surrogacy story
Ziyi Wu
This is a role-playing game in which players can play as a woman who goes to surrogate for money. In the game, she will communicate with surrogacy agencies, hospital doctors, and the families of former victims, and personally experience the pros and cons of surrogacy.

Jiawen Zhao
This short film is based on my research on social movements and the role of music’s involvement in these movements, presenting the process of growth and decay of power.

Fashion Victim
Yu Zhang
This is an AR interactive project which uses physical textile products and virtual images as the medium to display and discuss the mass exploitation and unequal treatment of the fashion industry in the context of globalization, as well as the environmental pollution in the production process.

Accent edge distribution map
lihua pan
This is about marginalization of accent maps visualization, which explore limited of voice assistant on speech recognition, visualization of voice data through maps of China and the world, criticism of the speech recognition technology in accent identification of regional prejudice and racial discrimination phenomenon.

Universal basic income or not
Jun Jiang
For the implementation of the „universal basic income“ economic policy, no one knows whether this is economy-utopias / economy-dytopias. Therefore, the whole work is mainly about the description and exploration of „universal basic income“.
After the era of post-capitalistand and highly developed artificial intelligence, how will people’s lives be affected by universal basic income. Therefore, I visualized and textualized this concept, instead of using a single way to complete the work, using multiple media forms, children ’s comic books, government brochures, and dynamic images to display. In addition, it also combines AR technology, making people can think about the pros and cons about UBI.

Experience of ignorance
Qing Yu

Go ahead, I’m listening…
Jingyuan Huang
Go ahead, I’m listening… is a piece of verbal interaction and sound visualization, questioning the rationality of currently industry-wide applied method of verbal human-computer communication. In this project, the audience will play as an ‘AI’ product called by their own name, to listen and reply to the questions asked by computer-generated voices with different gender and accent.

advertisment world
tianjiao shao
We never consume the objects themselves. People always regard objects as symbols to highlight themselves. „Beauty Makeup Online“ shows the obvious effect of beauty products on the improvement of face value in live broadcasts and short videos on major platforms, Women no longer have the freedom to choose not to wear makeup, but obey the discipline of the beauty makeup culture constructed by „beauty net red“ and spontaneously pay for various cosmetics.

Future Education
Jiequn Xu
Based on that i made a project use animation to represent people who are symbolized by the materialization of the consumer society. In the exaggerated world I built, day and night are unknown, time and space are compressed, beauty and ugliness are reversed, and in a life full of beautiful women commercials. We watch the landscape, we blend into the landscape, we consume the landscape, and then forget the truth.

Future system
Yihan Zhou
In the electronic age, where countless technologies are transforming our daily lives, conceptual design in the tech industry often takes the form of a „Vision of the future“ to set the direction of the future. So I chose to design artefacts to look forward to the future. By combining conceptual design methods, I designed a futuristic bracelet that can identify unhealthy foods. In developing these objects, different characters are used to visualize the future state of food. In the near future, for example, people will wear bracelets that detect the amount of death in their food, and when they pick up a fruit or vegetable, they will tell people how long it has been since they ate it. It’s a symbol of what might be superhuman value. This short film discusses thinking about the future of food.

The lost bonsai
Xinda Xu
This work is a experimental installation to explore the impact of technology and its products on human life and the earth’s environment. The Lost Bonsai shows a non-realistic aesthetics of abandoned technological products combined with plants.

Respect the balance
Bowen Chen
Under the semantics of superhuman, both owners and did not receive the modification in the future people should respect the change and constant power, and human dignity, human enhancement should not be used as a tool of division level of human and biological conservatism also cannot blindly to stop the development of technology, I think we need to respect their balance now.

(In)visible – extension of our body’s abilities
Anna Sycheva
My physical outcome for this brief is to visualise physically ‘virtual actions’ from social media that we can’t see unless we get a notification. What if a person could physically feel when someone is looking at your photo online, liking it or reposting it, by using interactive garment on the person’s body, which is activated by the activity in your social media.

TFTBU – The Force That Between Us
yanjie li
Exploring the subtle relationship between machinery and human beings.
The two-way simulation between man and machine is the source of fear – the fear of the loss of „human nature“ in the concept of free humanism formed since the renaissance and the enlightenment.