City in Fusion

Solo Exhibition III: Maurice Benayoun – Introduction to Value of Values

Maurice Benayoun (FR/HK)

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Morphogenesis of Values (MOV) video reveals the stakes and objectives of the VoV project and the outcomes for the coming show in 2021. MOV is developed from VoV, transactional neuro-design art project that provokes questions of human values with relation to art, philosophy, poetry, ethics, the environment and surveillance. It resonates with how we will define human goals in a post-pandemic world.
Previous exhibitions of the show: Osage Art Foundation – Photo Macau, School of Creative Media CityU HK Gallery, Hungarian Pavilion Venice Biennale

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Artists: Maurice Benayoun, Nicolas Mendoza, Tobias Klein
Curator: Ann Mak
Produced by: Osage Art Foundation, Agnes Lin
Content Production: Charlie Yip, NeuroDesign Lab, ACIM, SCM