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Cairotronica (EG)

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Cairo is Data is a film that shows Egypt through the eyes of six emerging new media artists sharing their grounds for inspiration. Their works that they are currently developing navigate the peculiarities, tensions and challenges that come at the intersection of technology, business, culture, and society.
The artists in the film are all part of a fellowship, WE ARE DATA, that is the result of a partnership between Cairotronica (EG) and IMPAKT (NL).
WE ARE DATA came as a response to a rising responsibility placed on ‘technology’ as a tool which facilitates inclusive development and solutions to many challenges currently facing cities like Cairo in sectors such as transportation, health, agriculture and education. This, in turn, raises questions about security, privacy, accountability, bias, agency, transparency, and ethics among many others.
Through the We Are Data fellowship, we wanted to encourage the dialogue on the complexity of Technology and Data in the 21st Century from the perspective of 6 Egyptian artists. The program is structured in a way that creates a space for dialogue, collaboration, and experimentation as it is meant to learn from and adapt to the local context in which the participants are operating. The program was developed with the aim to focus on transdisciplinary art Education & cultural production in Egypt. We wanted to create a program for Egyptian artists that allowed them to explore & produce at the intersection of art, technology, design, and digital culture in a way that encouraged experimentation & dialogue.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Cairotronica (EG): Haytham Nawar, Ghalia Elsrakbi, Nada Bakr, Ahmed Al-Laithy, Rana Magdy
Impakt (NL): Arjon Dunnewind
Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL
Film Protagonists: Ahmed Aiuby (EG), Ahmed Soleman (EG), Imane Ibrahim (EG), Mona Makhlouf (EG), Sabah El Hadid (EG), Shadwa Ali (EG)
Filmmaker: Selim Elsadek
Arab Studies Institute (LB)/(US)
The American University in Cairo – Graphic Design Program (EG)


Cairotronica is a Cairo-based platform for new media arts that supports and enables practices out of Egypt and the region that operate at the intersection of art, science, and business in the context of society and the environment. Established in 2016, Cairotronica held two festivals in Cairo to date. The first edition “Only Connect” came out in May 2016 and the second edition “A Future of Possibilities” in May 2018. The third edition, planned originally for June 2020 edition was postponed due to the pandemic and is preliminary planned for April 2021. The programs for the previous editions included exhibitions, screenings, live performances, workshops, artists talks and other activities. The festivals took place over one week in several cultural venues across Cairo. One of Cairotronica’s primary aims is to support emerging practitioners in this space out of the region, by offering workshops, fellowships, residencies, and opportunities to engage with leading experts and practitioners across disciplines and borders.