What is Sound – Alpha blending

Luana Lojić (HR)

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What is Sound: Alpha blending is an audio-visual performative search for available information on the smallest things and units ever recorded or seen based on internet stored data (ex. bits, nanobes, phonemes, photons, atoms, etc.). Its constant is made of endless improvised medial translations formed from free online available generative tools and starts with a question posed into a search engine, building informational layers of text, sound, pictures and moving images. From Sara Salamon’s text: Alpha blending is the process of combining a translucent foreground color with a background color, thereby producing a new color blended between the two. When I type the word layer into google translate and translate it into Croatian, we get two synonyms: 1. layer, 2. sediment. Both words from the previous sentence reveal the work of Luana Lojić, a multimedia artist, biophilic and passionate collector of browser tabs and internet links. Layering, collaging, polyphonies or choral singing of sounds, images, links, internet leftovers wandering, piling and babbling. Optical character recognition, text to speech, voice to transcript are just some of the free internet tools whose automations and errors Luana exploits as a musical instrument in her audiovisual performances and improvisations. By associatively combining the search results, she creates forms reminiscent of online readymades, an assemblage, but if we look at her practice, beyond the formal level, she dissects and reinterprets collective information.


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