Co-Design Workshop: Humanizing the Internet of Skills

Technische Universität Dresden (DE)

Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2020, 13:30 - 15:00
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The design approach of the Industrial Design Engineering Chair at TU Dresden connects a user-centered design perspective with the engineered development of product-service systems by placing the human experience at its center. Taking into consideration customers, market and corporate requirements, we are able to develop technically, ergonomically and aesthetically convincing products and innovation studies for tomorrow’s working environment.
We strive for a better understanding of the design and development process. Relevant issues relate to the connection of product and service design. In addition, we apply design methods as catalyst in diverse interdisciplinary research and innovation projects. With the help of our demonstrators, interdisciplinary research is accelerated and research results are clearly communicated and successfully transferred to other researchers, industry and/or society.

As part of the multidisciplinary cluster of excellence CeTI (Center for Tactile Internet with Human- in- the- Loop), our aim is to humanize the Internet of Skills: New communication technology allows faster and further reaching data transfer than ever before, enabling new ways for an exchange of skills between humans.
We, as industrial designers try to shape the future, starting from the human perspective and working in a systematic way towards creative and meaningful solutions. We face the challenge to develop wearable devices, containing fast sensors for full-body movement recognition and actuators for real-time haptic feedback, trying to promote the learning of motoric skills in order to make these skills available potentially for everyone. However, imagining applications for this technology remains difficult and vague. Moreover, as these systems are worn directly on the human body, it is indispensable to create a high level of trust and approval within society. A first step in this process is to identify application areas for improving equal access to remote work and learning environments for people of different genders, ages, cultural backgrounds, or physical limitations.

We would like you to participate as co-designer in our journey. In this our 90 min-workshop, we will introduce you to tools and methods, which will allow you to shape the future in a collaborative and digital way.
Which skills would be important in future societies to make available through a smart suit?
How does the suit look and feel like?
What and how do people learn with the smart suit?

We are excited for your perspectives.

Limited places. Registration required.

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