Google Arts & Culture Lab (FR): Heartbeat of the Earth

Diving into an Acidifying Ocean

Cristina Tarquini (IT/FR)

As part of Heartbeat of the Earth, a series of online interactive artworks interpreting climate data, digital artist Cristina Tarquini invites us to dive into our acidifying oceans using data from NOAA.

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Cristina Tarquini (IT) created an interactive data visualisation, inviting you to dive into the ocean and explore the impact of rising temperatures & in turn rising CO2 levels on marine life, over time.

The artist uses point clouds to visualize data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and has created a unique virtual marine ecosystem. The projct shows the change happening both on water molecules acidifying and animal particles reacting. The technique was used to simulate water flow while visualizing the data within it. It also allows us to generate currents and simulate at its best life underwater, and helps us visualize the data in this flow of water.

Artist: Cristina Tarquini (IT/FR)
Scientist: Frederic Gazeau (FR)


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Cristina Tarquini
I’m Cristina Tarquini, currently based in Paris, and I work as Art Director & Creative Technologist. I’m a creative working in communication, designing visual storytelling and immersive digital experiences. I work for commercial brands, artistic institutions, private clients, and also run workshops and teach as guest lecturer at Hyper Island. I’ve recently been commissioned by Google Arts & Culture to produce ‘Diving into an Acidifying Ocean’ and I’m currently working at Stink Studios Paris.