Solar Orchard Garden


LGM#2” Quadrature (GE), “Temazcalli” Josecarlos Florez (PE), “Simulacrum” María Almena (ES), “ABVXHMN” Cenk Güzelis, Anna Pompermaier, Burkart Schwaighofer, “RTTT” Mohsen Hazrati (IR), “A fourth dimensional travel guide” Kris Pilcher (US).

Thu Sep 10, 2020, 6:00 pm - 7:25 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
Ars Electronica Voyages Channel

The Gaia Hypothesis

Exhibition / Curated visit by artists and curator

“Amazonia” is a collective exhibition curated by Alejandro Martín that goes from the sounds coming from space to the earth to Mesoamerican indigenous ceremony. Combining ritualistic dance with interactive screens and AR/VR experiences, Amazonia speaks to the current pandemic situation where the Ecosystem rules over humans, altering the dynamics of the Anthropocene era. The Amazon is burning by human actions and at the same time the power of Nature has the ability to re-initiate the “game” following the Gaia hypothesis.

Opening of the exhibition: Curated tour by Alejandro Martín and the participating artists.

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