The London Garden of Heterotopias

Automated Architecture Labs HUB

The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UK)

AUAR Labs is the research laboratory co-directed by Mollie Claypool, Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Gilles Retsin at The Bartlett School of Architecture, previously known as Design Computation Lab. As part of AUAR Labs co-directors run the studio Research Cluster 4 (RC4) in MArch Architectural Design at The Bartlett focused on automated housing. The work of RC4 believes in the agency of architecture for change. Automation is not only about robots – it is first and foremost a design project. We are decisively critical but optimistic about automation. Aware of the political consequences of our tools, RC4 projects develop platforms for automated living that increase access to high-quality housing.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Tutors: Mollie Claypool, Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Gilles Retsin