in cooperation with Bildrecht

Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau hosted by ARS ELECTRONICA

Christa Sommerer (AT), Laurent Mignonneau (FR)

Wien, Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, 1070 Wien
Tue-Fri: 13-18 pm
Presentation of the interactive project Homo Insectus, in cooperation with Bildrecht

Insects are an essential element of the biosphere. However, due to pollution and the widespread use of chemicals, many insect species have died out in recent years. Every insect species plays an important function in the ecosystem: they are pollinators, composting machines, or food sources for other animals. As industrialization and human intervention have put their world in danger, we all need to become more aware of our impact on the insect kingdom. Homo Insectus is an interactive installation that emphasizes human contribution to the insect world and promotes a positive attitude towards these creatures. 

Participants in the installation can see their own bodies transformed into a habitat for artificial ants. They propagate and organize themselves into colonies and formations as long as the participant accepts a sensitive dialogue with the artificial creature´s world. 

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Bildraum 07, Burggasse 7-9, Vienna 1070
Tue-Fri: 13-18 pm
+43 1 815 26 91- 21
A cooperation of Bildrecht and Ars Electronica Festival 2020