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​Christine Hinterkörner (AT), Patrik Huber (AT)

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Noise becomes music 

How do cargo ships sound? For the artist Christine Hinterkörner, based in Linz, its so fascinating that she composed a spectacular music piece from the sounds of a heavy metal cargo ship, which she realized with her artist colleague Patrik Huber. To do this, the two artists positioned several microphones on a 230-meter-long, 81-ton heavy, and 11-floors high cargo ship from Istanbul, which was on its way to Brazil. Noises were recorded in a wide variety of rooms such as the engine room, navigating bridge, kitchen, cabin, loading hatches, workshop and on the ship’s deck and transformed the sounds into an electro-acoustic symphony of steel and iron.

The ship Symphony is running as well this year as an Austrian contribution to the Main Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020 and can be heard as a sound installation under two cranes at the port of Rijeka. 



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Christine Hinterkörner – composition/concept/idea 

Patrik Huber – concept 

Culture Department of the city of Linz, Linz Export (AT) 
Austrian Cultural Forum Zagreb, Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (Vienna, AT) 



Christine Hinterkörner is an international music producer, singer and artist in the fields of contemporary, electronic, experimental music and performing arts. She prefers industrial noises, trash, broken parts, coupled with dramatic and minimalistic sounds. Performances in Spain, France, Croatia, Asia, Austria… 

Patrik Huber is an actor, director, singer, performance artist, conceptionist with cross-genre, interdisciplinary roles ranging from theater, performance, dance, music to visual and installation art.