Ars Electronica Garden Montreal

Emergence & Convergence


The PHI Centre’s exhibition Emergence & Convergence brings together works that contemplate the space between the self, digital technology, the built environment, and the natural world. It focuses on the effects of confinement on our collective consciousness. How has this experience of hardship forced us to re-evaluate our priorities and values as a global community? How has it contributed to a renewed connection with nature? The works in this exhibition propose complex explorations of a future in which the fusion of nature and technology could become a new ecology.

Explore online the exhibition, which is currently being presented in Montreal, through the PHI GARDEN. Along with having access to an online guided tour of the exhibition, our video interviews will allow you to learn more about the creative process and the vision of some of the artists. You will also be able to delve deeper into the exhibition’s curatorial concept by virtually attending a discussion with the artists, which will be moderated by Cheryl Sim, managing director & curator at the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art.



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