Path Less Trodden

Human Oil – the last oil

Hege Tapio

Sun Sep 13, 2020, 3:00 pm - 3:15 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
Ars Electronica Gardens Channel

Watch our premiere of Humanoil, a recorded performance by artist Hege Tapio, followed by the introduction of NOBA – Norwegian Bioart Arena. NOBA is the hub for the expanded field of bioart in Norway, and exists to bridge the gap between artists and scientists working on ecology, biology, technology, activism and art.

View NOBA`s facilities and geographical placement by pre-recorded video, featuring its indoor and outdoor spaces. We present people the artists and researchers NOBA is working with to communicate its attitude and projects. Our topics of interest include: alternative ways of human / non-human coexistence; concepts and language surrounding multitude, multiple identities, pluriversal narratives and diversity, and the encounter between modern scientific and old craft methods as ways to materially engage with the local environment.

By including prerecorded videos from our network in the long and sparsely populated country of Norway, we present their voices, locations and practices. Watch reports from nomadic, artistic research vessels and permaculture havens, to close-knit human-bacterial relations unfolding beyond the Arctic Circle. We then move into a live video chat that expands on the practices of Hege Tapio and NOBA. Taking the project Humanoil and its themes as a starting point, we will engage live and digital audiences in discussions around art / science collaborations.


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Hege Tapio (NO)
Hege Tapio is based in Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway. Since 2001 her artistic practice has pursued the interest in emerging media interconnecting art, new technology and science. Her work was part of HYBRID MATTER – Nordic art&science network program, and presented at ISEA Symposium in Hong Kong 2016. The “Body Esc” exhibition at the National Gallery of Corfu in 2017 and the exhibition “This Mess We`re In” Perth, Australia 2018 where she also presented at the “Quite Frankly” conference. Her work was also part of FACTT 2019 – Toronto, Gales Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2020. Tapio is the founder and director of i/o/lab – Center for Future Art where she established and curated the Article biennial. She has for decades pursued a special interest in Bioart, and is currently engaged as visiting artist and part of the team of NOBA – Norwegian Bioart Arena, developing and programming the Norwegian hub for Bioart located at Vitenparken by Campus Ås.