doing circular (AT)

The Austrian social & environmental start-up plasticpreneur by doing circular develops, produces and sells simple mobile plastics recycling machines and teaches social entrepreneurship skills that can be used to transform plastic waste into new products.

plasticpreneur by doing circular

This combination enables the creation of innovative products, awareness raising and the foundation of new social businesses all over the world. Especially in countries of the Global South, this can create jobs and training positions and generate income independently.

With our simple machines and moulds, simple recycling workshops can be set up and products made from recycled plastic anywhere. The machines can easily be shipped worldwide and put into operation without extensive training. We offer all necessary information and support for a quick start.

The local people should be empowered and at the same time inspired to independently develop solutions for local challenges and to become so-called “plasticpreneurs” – someone who takes plastic waste out of the environment again because he/she has recognized it as a valuable raw material, reintroduces it into a cycle and at the same time benefits him/herself and the local population.

Plasticpreneur by doing circular wants to generate social, ecological and economic impact.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

doing circular gmbh
Sören Lex, Raphaela Egger, Boris Rauter, Florian Mikl