A Fungus Garden

Rotten Body (2020)

Alexandra Mabes (CL), Nicolás Oyarce (CL), Ana Rosa Ibáñez (CL)

Dance installation inspired by the decomposing course of action which fungi encourages. The shape of the body is deformed through the materials to portray the transformation and reconfiguration of matter in the decay.

Collaborators: Bruno Torres, Bastián Oviedo, Demian Hernández, Francisco Calbacho, José Urrera


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Alexandra Mabes
Santiago based dancer. In 2013 she joined NadaProductions collective based in Austria, touring with them through Austria, Chile, Holland, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland and Belgium. She has collaborated with several local artists acting as creative director of the awarded project “The dance of the Future”. Currently, she directs Sala de Maquinas, a space that promotes the development of the arts of movement. www.instagram.com/salade.maquinaswww.vimeo.com/alexandramabes

Nicolás Oyarce
Santiago based transdisciplinary artists and queer activist. Nicolás works through different media, including production design, art direction, video performance, and state of the art research. He is currently the director of Research and Curatorship at PAM – Patrimonio Audiovisual Musical de Chile. In 2016 he co-founded the LGBT film festival + AMOR and also works as the creative director of the Museo de Hongo. www.vimeo.com/user3513455

AnaRosa Ibañez
Berlin based performance artist and curator. Having performed as a ceremonial singer from a young age, today her artistic practice and investigation approach new understandings of the ritual, using the body as an instrument to connect to divinity and access altered states of consciousness. Sound, breath, and meditation techniques are often present in her works, where poetry and improvisation become collective rituals for human and non-human dialogue. www.anarosadechile.com