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The Philosopher’s Roundtable: Social Impact and Ethics in AI


Sat Sep 12, 2020, 12:00 pm - 12:55 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).
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Garden Porto by FNDMNT ventures to the beyond: they’re asking the big questions and sharing the big stories in a series of roundtables with international and Porto based though leaders.

Artificial intelligence and big data analytics have brought to surface the social impact of technology, and our responsibility in applying automated solutions into people’s lives.


  • Fernanda Torre, Visiting Teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics
  • Joanna Hir, award-winning fashion tech and costume designer
  • Francisco Marques Teixeira, neuroscientist and neurotechnologist
  • Joana Lacerda, Head of Business Development at OFundamentO and ThePowerHouse


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Fernanda Torre
Fernanda Torre is a Visiting Teacher at the Stockholm School of Economics where she lectures in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the MBA program. She is also the CEO and founding partner of Next Agents, a consulting boutique focusing on innovation management. Research wise, Fernanda is part of the Vinnova project 4Boards.ai, aiming to support corporate boards governing AI towards innovation and sustainability. She also is a founding member of the Speculative Futures in Stockholm and teaches Future Thinking & Design Thinking at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

Joanna Hir
Joanna Hir is an award-winning fashion tech and costume designer. Her area of expertise is: wearables and the merge of fashion and technology. Joanna graduated from London College of Fashion with an MA Degree in Strategic Fashion Management and BA in Fashion Design Technology.Her clients include Sony Music, Universal Music and BBC, and artists worked with artists such as Drake, Rita Ora and Skunk Anansie. Joanna has also been a guest speaker at various tech and fashion conferences and winner International Women in Tech Awards in category Fashion Tech, winner of the Innovation World Cup 2018

Francisco Marques Teixeira
Francisco Marques Teixeira is a neuroscientist and neurotechnologist applying technologies to health and self-knowledge to understand how new technologies may change our brain and how our minds will adapt themselves to this new kind of digital existence. He is the clinical director of the Neurofeedback department of the Neuroscience Institute Neurobios and co-founder of MuArts, a company specializing in concept design and prototyping of creative technology and innovation in neurotechnology. For the last years, Francisco has been working with techie developers, geeky artists, researchers and hackers to link the brain to the internet of things in order to enter in a transhumanism age and promote brain-computer interactions as well as brain to brain communication. In 2019, Francisco founded the TRANS-LATE: Transmedia and transformational technology festival which first edition happened in Lisbon last year.

Joana Lacerda
Joana Lacerda has been dedicating her career to the social impact topics which lead me to be nominated as Forbes 30 under 30 in the Law and policy category and is currently advising the European Commission for the implementation of the European Strategy on Artificial Intelligence. She is also working with FNDMT and ThePowerHouse on the future of fashion.