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State of Presence (How to find Opportunity in Chaos)


Wed Sep 9, 2020, 12:00 pm - 12:55 pm
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Garden Porto by FNDMNT ventures to the beyond: they’re asking the big questions and sharing the big stories in a series of roundtables with international and Porto based though leaders.

This roundtable focuses on how the innovation industry is overcoming the challenges of this crisis through collaboration, empathy and more.


  • Dr. Livia Pinent, Head of Research OFundamentO and ThePowerHouse


  • Inês Santos Silva, Founder Aliados Consultancy
  • Amber Jae Slooten, Founder of The Fabricant, the first digital fashion house
  • Cécile Poignant, Trend forecaster and Editor at TrendTablet
  • Sean Chiles, Co-FounderThe Digital Fashion Group
  • Dr Dionne L. Boyd, CEO & Founder of Image Architects & Management, and Professor at Polimoda and LIM College


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Inês Santos Silva
Inês Santos Silva is the CEO of Aliados Consulting, an innovation consulting firm focus on the transition for a sustainable future. Inês is also a Co-founder and Chief Activist at Portuguese Women in Tech, a community focus on attracting more women to tech and on supporting those that are already working in technology.

Inês is an alumna of the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program and of THNK, School of Creative Leadership and a Marshall Memorial Fellow, by the German Marshall Fund. Inês is also a founding member of the Global Shapers Lisbon Hub from the World Economic Forum.

Amber Jae Slooten
Amber Jae Slooten is Co-Founder / Creative Director at The Fabricant. With a traditional background in fashion design, a bachelor’s degree from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), now sheis dressing digital identities. Amber found a way to express herself with endless materials, no waste and unlimited movements. She uses 3D modelling techniques, motion capture suits to capture movement, 3D scanners to capture bodies and combine them all in the virtual realm.

Cécile Poignant
Cécile Poignant is a Trend forecaster and Editor at TrendTablet. A Strategist Prospectivist specialized in contemporary lifestyles, she studies with passion the evolution of socio-cultural trends. Cecile’s core business is to find the weak signals that announce major future trends in order to anticipate new behaviors. She conducts strategic studies for international brands in the field of lifestyles, design, food, beauty, and more. Currently is involved in many international conferences and leads workshops with experienced professionals and teach in Business and Art Schools & Universities.

Sean Chiles
Sean Chiles is an academic strategist experienced in innovative programme conceptualisation, validation and delivery, and an experienced lecturer, visiting professor, and External Examiner for MA and BA programmes in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, India and China. As Head of Northumbria University School of Design London, he developed and delivered a unique Master Qualification Programme Framework for Fashion and the Creative Industries, along with Degree level fashion programmes for the international profit-making centre. His focus is on the digital development, growth, and integration of the fashion designer from digital pencil through to customer satisfaction within a new, constantly evolving, contemporary academic framework.

Dr. Dionne L. Boyd
As an Experiential Marketer, Brand Storyteller, Education Architect, Textbook Contributor, and Fashion/Luxury Enthusiast, Dr. Dionne L. Boyd loves all things Creative, Engaging, Fashionable and more. Her passion for Marketing, Fashion, Education and Business has led to one of her favorite titles to date, given by many of her clients, students, and peers, “The Money Chick.” She believes that we are all a walking billboard whether intentionally or not. We are constantly engaged in marketing ourselves in some manner. So….”Why not get paid to do what you love everyday”? “What happens when you can’t find the perfect job or career that you want”? “Why not create it?” She did! She always had sight. However, when she gained a clear “Vision” about what she wanted, she went for it and never looked back.

As a high performance Professional, Coach, and Phenomenal Game Changer in business, her professional experience yields from 21 years of amazing success on a multitude of platforms for Neiman Marcus including million dollar seller, buyer, and brand ambassador for several luxury brands, 15 years as an accomplished Professor who has written and designed over 45 different classes in Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Fashion, Curriculum Writer & Developer for Universities & High Schools, SME in Marketing & Business & Success/Performance Coach for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Athletes ready to achieve the “Next-Level.”

Livia Pinent
Head of Research OFundamentO and ThePowerHouse. Livia Pinent is a Brazilian anthropologist (M.A.) with a PhD in Communication Sciences. Both educator and entrepreneur, she advocates for the future of education through creativity, technology, and empathy. As a fashion researcher fascinated by human behaviour, her work deals with consumption and innovation, always looking for unseen connections and meanings. Livia has worked for over a decade in strategic communications and digital marketing, developing more than 50 brands in different fields and markets between South America and Europe.