Telluric Mutations. The 1960 earthquake.

On May 22, 2020, 60 years since the largest seismic catastrophe ever recorded in the world was commemorated, a catastrophe whose epicenter was the city of Valdivia. The event had profound landscape, social, economic and cultural consequences for the affected cities and territories. The earthquake was a complex heritage where catastrophe and community resilience converge. The activity of the Austral Garden program is to share the series of initiatives prepared by the Museological Direction of Universidad Austral de Chile.


The Museological Directon is the dependent unit of the Austral University of Chile dedicated to the enhancement, conservation and study of the cultural, historical and archaeological regional heritage. It is made up of the Maurice van de Maele Historical and Anthropological Museums of Valdivia, the Rudolph Amandus Philippi Museum Exploration, and the German Colonial Museum of Frutillar. The Audiovisual Conservation, Archeology and Anthropology laboratories are also part of this Direction.