Google Arts & Culture Lab (FR): Heartbeat of the Earth

What We Eat

Laurie Frick (US)

As part of Heartbeat of the Earth, a series of online interactive artworks interpreting climate data, data artist Laurie Frick’s work examines the impact of individual foods on the environment using hand-drawn data visualisations, color coded and sized by CO2 output.

An online interactive artwork to engage people in activity showing CO2 footprint for individual foods and diets. 25% of global climate change is food production, more than transportation so Laurie Frick (US) artwork visually explores the impact of individual diets since based on data from US, UK and French to expose the disparity of CO2 consumption between foods. Explore CO2 data for your own daily diet and learn how you could reduce your carbon footprint.


Laurie Frick (US)
Laurie Frick uses data to examine what we can know about ourselves. In her hand-built installations, drawings and small works she experiments with how we will consume the mass of data increasingly captured about us. Evidence of her engineering background and long-history in high-tech are seen in the deep data analysis and detailed explanations of how this future will unfold. Her work about the future of data were recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, Atlantic and Wired Magazine.