Telluric Vibrations, UCLA Botanical Gardens – Los Angeles

Workshop: Psychobiotonic: Microbiome Anthropothagy

Clarissa Ribeiro

Sun Sep 13, 2020, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC +2).

Imagine a fictional scenario in which you can choose one personality to ‘embody’ a time having access to encapsulated microbiome samples (mixed cultures i.e. microbial associations or communities) of donors that have specific personality types. “Transplanting the Self: microbiome anthropophagy” (2018-present) is a reflection on the limits of microbiome manipulation inviting the online audience to become ‘personality donors’ in a collaborative performance. The work evokes ancient practices as the use of young virgins’ saliva in the production of ritualistic alcoholic drinks present in rituals of hunting or cannibalism of native Brazilian tribes. For the online collaborative performance you’ll need to bring:

Materials needed:
-3 Tbsp spoons off pre-cooked cassava or sweet potato, peeled
-2 cups of Boiling water
-Your saliva
-2 glass bottles (500 ml or 750 ml ) (you can reuse wine or beer bottles)

-Mix the pre-cooked cassava/potato with your saliva chewing each spoon for at
-least 2 minutes and spit in a glass bottle.
-Add the 2 cups of boiling water (500 to 600 ml)
-Lock the bottle and leave it fermenting for 15 days
-Transfer the resultant drink to a sterilized glass bottle filtering with a metal sieve
-Use a lock cap for glass bottle
-Take the personality test online: and send us via email the four-letter personality type code together with a profile picture and your short bio and we will send you back the label for your Psychobiotic bottle.

Number of participants: open to all who are interested in joining online

Registration deadline: Saturday, September 12th

Register here:

This tutorial is part of the project “Transplanting The Self: Microbiome Anthropophagy” (2018-present). By joining the workshop you become one of the featured personality donors. Please take the online personality test and send us the result together with a profile photo and your short bio via email so we will send you back the label for your Psychobiotic bottle. Print, label the bottle and send us a beautiful picture so we can include it in the project webpage and catalogue! Thank you for your participation!