Almost 35,000 Pupils Visited Ars Electronica Center Linz in 2011

(Linz, December 29, 2011) 2,436 school groups including 34,194 pupils have visited the Ars Electronica Center so far this year (as of December 22nd). Most came from the City of Linz and the Province of Upper Austria (17,863), followed by Salzburg (3,184), Vienna (2,648) and Lower Austria (2,637). The numbers from Bavaria (1,124) and The Czech Republic (1,228) showed big increases. Ample proof that some classes are willing to travel long distances to experience the Ars Electronica Center was provided by a group from the Vocational School in Stoob, Burgenland. The 45 students spent four hours in transit to Linz and then four hours on their return trip to eastern Austria not far from the Hungarian border. They took the Museum of the Future’s “Of World Machines and the Origin of All Things” special tour. Read more


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