“Marianne.von.Willemer – Prize for Digital Media 2022” goes to Christina Krämer aka Tina Kult

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(Linz, 6.10.2022) The City of Linz’s “Marianne.von.Willemer – Prize for Digital Media 2022”, endowed with 3,600 euros, goes to Christina Krämer aka Tina Kult. The Viennese media artist is being honored for her 30-minute video installation “Pampa,” which focuses on private living spaces and the socio-cultural challenges culminating here in times of pandemic.
“The award is intended as a recognition of high-quality work by female artists and is a direct promotion of female artists. The digital media prize to be awarded today honors Tina Kult, who uses digital media in a very impressive way as an artistic tool and means of expression,” said Women’s City Councilor Eva Schobesberger. The award ceremony will take place today at 7:00 p.m. during a festive event at the Ars Electronica Center, Sky Loft, 3rd floor.

Pampa – a video installation on the theme of isolation

A tracking shot leads through virtual scenarios and shows people covered with white sheets sitting, standing or lying in the midst of their own chaos in their bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen. These are all spaces in which the protagonists’ leisure, family and work lives have long since become intermingled. The different rooms and places, which are recognizable by pieces of furniture, their decoration and personal objects of their inhabitants, were photographed from different perspectives and the individual images were then transformed into 3D scans. The video installation is projected onto a cotton sheet hanging in the room. In the video installation, the people covered with sheets and the various rooms pass by the viewers almost ghostlike.
With “Pampa” Tina Kult addresses the exploitation of body and mind in a neoliberal performance and production society. “At the center of my work are the feelings of isolation and being overwhelmed and the strong need for tranquility that I observed in myself and the people around me,” says Tina Kult.

The jury statement for the winner of the “Marianne.von.Willemer – Prize for Digital Media 2022” reads as follows. “In her artistic work, Tina Kult shows private living spaces as we have never seen them before. In the elaboration of her semi-documentary living room images, she demonstrates artistic independence. She creates arbitrary 3D scans from numerous individual images taken from different perspectives. She joins the resulting sound and image materials together in a visually and aurally scanning montage. Overall, she paints a picture of the exhaustion of body and mind in private living spaces, made increasingly visible by the pandemic.”

Tina Kult

Tina Kult is a media artist born in 1991 in Kazakhstan who lives and works in Vienna. She studied Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and completed a guest year in the class for experimental film at the UdK Berlin. She is co-founder of the collective T(n)C. Her works deal with socio-cultural morphologies and social structures and have been shown at Q21/Museumsquartier (2022), Kunstraum Niederösterreich (2018), Krinzinger Projekte (2017) in Vienna or Art+Text (2017) in Budapest, among others.

The “Marianne.von.Willemer – Prize for Digital Media”

With the “Marianne.von.Willemer – Prize for Digital Media,” the city of Linz supports women who use digital media for artistic expression. Innovative works are sought that are characterized by the use of or explicit reference to digital media. As far as the technical realization is concerned, there is a broad spectrum to choose from – for example, works from the fields of digital photography, digital video, computer animation, generative graphics, digital music, interactive installations, network projects, media performances, media architecture, etc. can be submitted. The competition is held every two years by the Women’s Office of the City of Linz in cooperation with Ars Electronica and with the support of DORFTV; the winner receives 3,600 euros. The Linz Prize is named after Marianne von Willemer, who was born in Linz in 1784 and moved to Frankfurt am Main with her mother when she was 14, where she met Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe, in turn, immortalized Marianne von Willemer in his work “Westöstlicher Diwan,” published in 1819. It was not until nine years after Marianne von Willemer’s death that it became known that several of the most beautiful poems in this work had actually been penned by her. Nevertheless, Marianne von Willemer’s achievements have received little or no attention to date.

Jury of the “Marianne.von.Willemer – Prize for Digital Media 2022”

This year’s jury consisted of Mag.a art. Dagmar Schink (management VALIE EXPORT Center Linz), Prof.in (FH) Mag.a art. Dr.in Rosa von Suess (Professor at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten, Department Media and Digital Technologies) and Univ.-Prof.in Mag.a art. Brigitte Vasicek (Vice Rector for Art and Teaching at the Linz University of the Arts).

Tina Kult / photo: Agnes Varnai / print version / album

Pampa / Tina Kult / photo: Tina Kult / print version / album

Pampa / Tina Kult / photo: Tina Kult / print version / album

video Pampa

Concept and realization: TINA KULT
Composition and Sound-Design: LALE RODGARKIA-DARA
With borrowed, hidden and maybe sometimes discovered soundsnipplets by: MOHADESE SIASAR, NICOLE SABELLA, WOLFGANG FUCHS, HANNES EGGER