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MINIWIZ CO., LTD.(TW), Taipei Urban Intelligence Center (TW), Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Co., LTD (TW), Roboenter Co., LTD (TW)

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To cope with the impact of Covid-19, a scientific and efficient action in the digital world must be taken. The Taipei Urban Intelligence Center has developed a digital system that can quickly respond to the risk landscape, people flow, and medial resources across different parts of Taipei by integrating live streaming and data instantly. It also informs the policies of the government. The digitized action on the ground helps us build a more secured environment. In the face of the rapid development of the digital world, people immersed in the VR environment seem to ignore the depletion of resources in our reality. As a result, we need to take real actions and devote ourselves to reuse the discarded resources to make an environment of circularity and sustainability through digital technology.

MINIWIZ, a company from Taiwan, committed to developing technology for recycling that turns industrial and household wastes into materials with purposes and aesthetics. During the tour, a new performance art project is inspired by the digital cross-field cooperation for the first time. The Taipei Urban Intelligence Center will join hands
with new media artist Chin-Hsiang Hu and the founder of Roboenter Ghung-I Hung, to create a new media artwork “The Weight of Data” by integrating both virtual and physical materials from different domains and sharing data resources.
Finally, it is in fact not the end for “Taiwan Grand Tour.” Instead, the “Action Tour” program unveils the journey to come, constantly connecting the digital world with our society. A link for a time-limited viewing of the details of action plans for this program as well as the joint art project will be available.


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MINIWIZ CO., LTD. (TW): Miniwiz captures the value of single-use plastic, metal, glass, by transforming industrial and household wastes into sustainable building modules, specialty fabrics and fixtures, to empower a circular future through upcycling technologies that turn waste into solutions for our planet. Taipei Urban Intelligence Center (TW) The Taipei Urban Intelligence Center, founded by the Taipei City Government in 2020, is a cross-domain information integration center. It is mainly responsible for cross-domain applications. By presenting instant data, visualizing information, in-depth calculation, and other data analysis research, it allows the city government to implement data-driven governance, which is more effective. Also, the data assets can be used more safely and valuably.



MINIWIZ CO., LTD.(TW), Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Co., LTD (TW), Taipei Urban Intelligence Center (TW)