Hybrid Creations

Activations around Hybrid Creations

Mario Acha (DE), Irma Cabrera (PE), Raquel Garcia (PE), Teté Leguía (PE), Gonzalo Pflucker (PE), Anahí Soria (PE), Frank Soria (PE), Fabrizzio Yabar (PE), Sairah Espinoza (PE) and Almendra Otta (PE), Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI/ Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA

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Explorations and Exchange in Peruvian Audiovisual Media

The project Hybrid Creations. Explorations and Exchange in Peruvian Audiovisual Media has as its correlate an event with face-to-face activations at the Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI, specifically on the second floor of the Palacio de la Exposición, a space that houses the museum’s permanent collection, nevertheless the museography is currently under renovation so we find ourselves with a temporarily empty exhibition room. This space will be activated with performances, concerts and the simultaneous screening of the pieces presented by the Garden Lima in the framework of the ARS Electronica Festival 2021.

  • Screening + Dance: Shenán pikotai/ Sacando memoria (2021). Frank Soria, performed by Shipibo dancer Anahí Soria.
    Anahi Soria „Sokata“ is a young cultural manager, activist and performer, she belongs to the Soria family and is heiress and disseminator of the knowledge of the Shipibo-Konibo community. Guided by the song of the icaros from the piece Shenán Pikotai / Sacando memoria (2021) by Frank Soria, “Sokara” will interpret with her body the continuous movement of the river represented by the geometric Kené designs that appear in the video.

  • Screening + concert + Dance: Cruces (2020). Music performed live by Cajamarcan artist Irma Cabrera and performed by contemporary dancer Raquel Garcia.

    Irma Cabrera will perform a sound improvisation with traditional Peruvian instruments, digital synthesizer emulator and soundscape based on her video inspired by the festival of Las Cruces de Porcón in Cajamarca – Peru. At the same time, the dancer Raquel Garcia will interpret the sound through movements inspired by the pilgrimage and penitence of this traditional celebration.

  • Screening + Concert: Mito de Inkarri (1977). Mario Acha, music performed live by Irma Cabrera.

    The short film Mito de Inkarri will be projected while simultaneously Irma Cabrera performs a sound improvisation with traditional Peruvian instruments and digital synthesizer emulator. This will be a unique opportunity to carry out a transgenerational collaboration, taking as a starting point pioneering pieces made by established Peruvian artists of the local scene, while at the same time, young creators perform their current production.

  • Screening + Concert: El perfil de lo invisible (1985). Gonzalo Pflucker and Precolombina (2021). Fabrizzio Yabar, live music performed by Teté Leguía.
    Music composer and bass player Teté Leguía will perform an experimental musical improvisation taking as a starting point the short film El perfil de lo invisible, he will also perform a live version of the music composed for the piece Precolombina.

Mario Acha Kutscher (DE), Munich (1941)
Filmmaker, visual artista, museographer, researcher and scriptwriter, he studied at the INSAS Brussels. In the 70s he became interested in the pre-Hispanic cultures of Latin America and developed a series of short films. In the 80s, he worked for UNESCO and developed documentaries on the Historic Centers of different countries. In the 90s, he made documentaries about unprotected children and street children for Unicef. He is one of the founders of the Plataforma Fotografía Peruana Contemporánea (Contemporary Peruvian Photography Platform).

Irma Milagros Cabrera Abanto (PE), Cajamarca (1991)
Audiovisual producer, photographer and experimental musician. She has a degree in Communication Sciences and has specialised in Photography, Photographic Conservation and Preservation, Non-fiction Film and Computer Music. She is interested in visual anthropology, image archaeology and obsolete technologies.

Raquel García (PE), Lima (1994)
Dancer, researcher and teacher. She has a degree in Philosophy by the PUCP. She has trained with various contemporary dance teachers in Lima, Costa Rica and Mexico, as well as with the Lux Boreal Company in Tijuana at the Centro de Danza y Producción Escénica de Baja California. She is interested in generating reflection in dialogue in movement, rethinking bodily practices and western tradition, in order to search for social historical engines that can diversify our mind, as well as movement.

Teté Leguía (PE), Lima (1985)
Studied composition at the Universidad Nacional de Música del Perú and visual arts at Corriente Alterna. He has participated in the experimental music scene in Lima since the early 2000s and has collaborated with groups and musicians such as Tanuki Metal Yonin Plus, Gomas, Flor, Martín Escalante, Laura Robles, Gibrán Andrade, Brandon Seabrook, Sam Weinberg, Weasel Walter, Artaud, among others. Since 2016 he has been managing the series of improvisation and experimental music concerts „Minutos para el fin“.

Gonzalo Pflucker (PE), Lima (1949)
Studied Humanities painting and sculpture. He has worked in various artistic disciplines: ceramics, graphic and textile design and illustrations in Peru and Brazil. Won a Fullbright scholarship to study a Post Degree in painting at Pratt Institute in New York in 1979 and in 1985 won the first prize in the national competition of film in short film of cartoons with the film “El Perfil de lo invisible”. Since 2006 until now, he has focused on painting by placing his work in Peru and abroad and to refrain from exhibiting in galleries.

Anahí Soria (PE), Pucallpa (2000)
Studied at the Escuela de teatro Maguey, Punto Fijo Teatro, Cosmos Teatro and has worked in different plays. She is currently a member of the Asociación Cineastas Amazónicos del Peru (ACAPE), one of their main activities is to promote cultural spaces and to make cinema visible in the Amazon. As a young Shipiba, Anahí is interested in the Amazon and the thousand stories that can be told, she wants to continue researching about Shipibo culture and to be able to write stories that reflect the Amazonian reality.

Frank Soria (PE), Pucallpa (1996)
Artist and teacher of the Shipibo community. The Soria family has participated in encounters on traditional medicine and indigenous cultures around the world. Frank is the heir and disseminator of this knowledge. His creations are rooted in the tradition of his culture and at the same time propose a personal and contemporary gaze linked to optical art. He has recently participated in exhibitions at the Centro Cultural Maguey, „Resistencias Culturales“ at the Museo Metropolitano de Lima, and with the Colectivo Carga Máxima.

Fabrizzio Yabar (PE), Cusco (1994)
Artist and teacher, holds a degree in visual arts by the Universidad Nacional Diego Quispe Tito (awarded Gold Medal, class 2017). He is an honorary member of the Michelangelo Buonarroti Order of Arts of the Accademia Internazionale Santarita in Turin (Italy) and is one of the founding members of the art collective „La Hora Tinta“. Has had solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions, including the first Cusco Art Biennale. He is currently a teacher at the Colegio Internacional Andino Cusco.


This programme brings together the projects of the following Peruvian artists: Mario Acha (DE), Irma Cabrera (PE), Raquel Garcia (PE), Teté Leguía (PE), Gonzalo Pflucker (PE), Anahí Soria (PE), Frank Soria (PE) and Fabrizzio Yabar (PE).

Co-curated by Sairah Espinoza (PE) and Almendra Otta (PE)
Museo de Arte de Lima – MALI/ Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA