The Pulse of Earth

Adopt the World

Verena Boheme (DE), Joaquín Fargas (AR)

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This project consists of natural ecosystems isolated inside sealed containers that only allow the external influence of heat and light. The objective is to collaborate actively on raising awareness about the fragility of our planet and the importance and urgency of its care. With the concept that ¨the world is not for sale¨, the small biosphere adoption program was born; small worlds that represent our planet on an infinitesimal scale.

Are we willing to adopt a small world? Are we willing to adopt „THE“ world? The adoption program highlights the difference between buying and adopting. When we adopt, we are not exercising a property right but committing ourselves to the care of what we adopt, knowing that, ultimately, it does not belong to us. The world is not for sale, we just borrow it from the universe and have a responsibility to take care of it. The Adoption of the World program is open to those who feel the impulse to care for and protect our planet with a transcendental attitude, thinking about future generations. To apply to the program, several requirements must be met, among which three letters of interest and commitment will be requested.


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Verena Boheme (DE): Verena Boheme is the Co-Founder of Manos Verdes Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Boheme has more than 15 years of work experience as international Marketing and Communication Manager for multinational companies. She is experienced in international brand communication and strategy development, the organization of events and conferences. For over a decade, she has been initiating multi-sector cooperation projects between Germany and Argentina, with a focus on sustainable development, environmental education, waste management, circular economy and climate change.

Joaquín Fargas (AR): Joaquin Fargas is an artist and engineer, his work integrates the artistic, scientific and technological. Through science, he communicates the concepts and theories in a playful and poetical manner. Through art, he teaches how to grasp the properties of nature and become aware of its care. His production is centered on possible or utopian proposals related to life, its preservation and the interrelationship between living beings and the future. He integrates biological materials and technological media aimed at breaking down barriers generating hybrid ecologies.


Verena Boheme (DE), Curator
Joaquín Fargas (AR), Artist