Aotearoa Concert Night

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Music engaging Technology

An evening of experimental electronic live musical performance. Several musicians and sonic artists from Aotearoa New Zealand will perform short acts on electronic- and computer technology-informed music, including: robot-musician interaction, live coding, algorithmic composition, digital musical instruments, AI-music experiments.

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Sasha Leitman (US): is a sound artist, composer, inventor and educator from California. She has been making new musical instruments and installations for the last 20 years. Her work often features elements of interaction design, found objects, DIY craftsmanship, underwater sound and physical play. She is currently a PhD student in engineering and computer science at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand where she is exploring the design of computer music controllers inspired by auditory resonance and the nuanced control of acoustic instruments. Before that, she spent over a decade teaching courses and managing the Max Lab — an Interface Prototyping Lab at CCRMA.

Fabio Morreale (IT): is a musician and music scholar from Italy. He is a lecturer in composition and computer music at the University of Auckland. He has a PhD in computer science and has developed numerous musical instruments, interfaces, and installations. His musical practice is mostly centered on experimentations with generative audiovisual and algorithmic compositions. His scholarly research is focused on exploring the ethical and political implications of technological innovations (AI, DAOs, streaming) on music.