About the Art of Data

Mariano Sardón (AR)

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A workshop about how to explore the relationship between data – information – expression. Considering multiple cultural backgrounds of participants, we’ll work on how to explore visual and sound formal resources for data visualization.

Mariano Sardón (AR) born in Argentina. Artist. He studied Physics at the University of Buenos Aires. He’s professor of the Electronic Art Degree at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. He initially made paintings and installations with analog and digital technologies. Due to her studies in Art and Science, he investigated interactive design using digital technologies and contemporary scientific paradigms such as Artificial Intelligence, complex systems based on computational models. He made numerous transdisciplinary works between art and neuroscience in recent years.

This year Ars Electronica in collaboration with Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (LCM) organizes a foresight technology Hackathon training which addresses challenges of the Agri-food industry to be faced by the world, global trends in specific sectors of the Agro industry, prospects for their development. The pandemic has pinpointed how vulnerable the food systems are. How can we create resilient food systems that ensure a supply of safe, accessible, local food for the people of a community? How can we use technologies, model-based approaches or knowledge engines to increase local, sustainable and ecological food production & distribution?