The Power of the Unseen

Audio Game Center

DDD (Disability Driven Design) Project (JP)

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Audio games are created from sound and played with sound, unlike video games where visual information is essential. Audio games built with sound bring a new comprehension of perception and space, and at the same time, create a new experience of imagining and actively interacting with the world that expands from sound. Audio Game Center proposes and shares such experiences that emerge from sound in the form of games. This project was selected as a Jury Selection piece in the Entertainment Division of the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival in 2018. It was also selected as one of the projects in the Project to Support Emerging Media Arts Creators program hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2019. It explores the possibilities of experiences created by sound using various media and venues, such as creating game centers in real places, hosting a Prototyping Party (a hackathon to develop new games with various creators) carrying out online distribution and producing podcasts.

DDD (Disability Driven Design) Project Director – Miyuki Tanaka: Curator/Producer This is a collaborative project consisting of members and collaborators working in a variety of specialized fields, including designers, researchers, programmers and curators. Teaming up with people with disabilities, the project aims to develop a new method of communication using human perception, while attempting to rethink the way we interact with the objects and environment around us that have been taken for granted.