Student Theater

Establishing foundations for becoming professional in theater based on Student theater

Reza Kianian (IR), Dr Ghotbedin Sadeghi (IR), Dr Esmaeil Shafiee (IR), Moein Mohebalian (IR)

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There are some interviews about student theater subjects with famous artists in cinema, theater and performing arts of Iran, particularly about (acting journey, academic life, experimental life, Interview of Moein Mohebalian with Reza Kiyaniyan, actor, theater director and writer), (University theater committee/theatrical society, Interview with Professor Ghotbedin Sadeghi, director, author, researcher, translator, faculty member of university) interview with associate professor Esmaeel Shafiee, Director, researcher, author, and faculty member of Tehran art university about student university theater. All the artists come from Iran.

Associate Professor Esmaeel Shafiee(IR): Associate Professor Esmaeel Shafiee, director, researcher and faculty member of Tehran art university about student university theater. (Participant in interview recorded.)

Professor Ghotbedin Sadeghi(IR): Professor Ghotbedin Sadeghi, director, researcher, translator, faculty member of university (participant of interview recorded.)

Reza Kiyaniyan(IR): Reza Kiyaniyan, actor, theater director, writer, sculptor (participant of interview recorded.)

Moein Mohebalian(IR): Moein Mohebalian, playwright, theater actor and director, drama researcher, theater lecturer and translator. MA graduate of theater acting from art university of Tehran. Member of ATHE theater and religion group, assistant of Graduate representative for Conference scheduling, Austin. Member of playwright academy in Home theatre of Iran. Giving article and research seminar in 16th celebrity sessions of khane theatre (Iran’s Home theatre) as a lecturer on the nature of autonomy in art, theatrical policy and theater management in some European countries), Tehran. Curator and manager of Iran Garden in Ars Electronica Festival 2021, Tehran Garden policy maker.